The app takes into account several factors that are important for any shooting. There are 2 types of measurements in the Light Meter: point measurement with your smartphone camera and incident light measurement. To accurately measure, you will need to bring your smartphone to the light source – exactly where you want to explore it. By the way, measurements of light levels will be useful not only for photographers – such data is important for builders, biologists, and electricians. You can use the application to find out what kind of light your garland gives, set the best light level for photosynthesis, or simply expose the photo. However, for more professional spot and color metering, you need the Lumu Power attachment dome that costs $299 and is not compatible with any other light meter apps. Some apps, for example, might not display decimal readings, making it difficult to measure light levels below 1 lux (in other words, even if the real reading is 0.4 lux, the app would display 0 lux). It’s worth noting that the Easy Light Meter doesn’t use a smartphone camera – everything is calculated by the light sensor on your phone. It should be noted that the quality of these utilities depends on the model of your smartphone – that is, the values may differ slightly from the real ones. Verdict: If you need to provide optimal lighting levels for your greenhouse or photos taken indoors, take a look at the Korona Plant Light Meter. We hope you can use the right light meters for your photos! There are dramatic differences between smartphone light meter apps and standalone light meters when used in the lighting world. In our tests, we find it the best light measuring meter under the affordable price tag. Film camera enthusiasts know for a fact that light problems can easily ruin even the most beautiful photo. Using your smartphone and a special light meter, you can take really beautiful and professional pictures. 2016-2020 If you have a camera, you won’t need to buy overpriced equipment. The app uses intelligent calculation algorithms, and the developers guarantee accurate results. Other PAR meters are the same to this meter in features and quality but those are higher in price. It also works perfectly when you need to measure the light falling on the top leaves of your plants. Like any other such application, Lux Light Meter Pro uses sensors built into your device. It has LED indicators to let you know when measurements are not reliable due to lack of light. The best light meter should be able to record several data from one or several stroboscopic blocks. The deviations from the reference luminance were in part extremely high (up to 113% in the combination of Samsung Galaxy S 5 with the app »Lux Light Meter« from Geogreenapps). The Hydrofarm Quantum PAR Meter has features like its quantum sensor allowing for accurate LED light meter readings. How to use a light meter for perfect exposure every time whether shooting photos or video. With this subscription, you will discover many other features, such as adjusting the aperture value or manually locking the camera. Scientific Lux Meter can immediately attract users with its simple design with vector drawings. You can use your smartphone’s camera as a reflection meter. The application compares all the data it receives with the information available and gives you the most accurate result. This Android light meter comes with a Sunny Sixteen calculator and a Depth of Field calculator. If you are a professional photographer, you can support the myLightMeter PRO app. You can also use it with any camera. So, we have selected the top 15 light meter apps for Android & iOS. Doing a quick search in the App Store online, we found quite a variety, most of which were best … It records data together with images taken with the frontal camera. All measurements are made in real-time – and you will see the slightest change on the screen. Light Meter Free – Comes with useful calculators Android. REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS FOR BEGINNERS. Pocket Light Meter is a free, very popular app produced by Nuwaste studios. If you’re really into photography, you’ll need a light metering system. Being one of the most useful lux meter apps, Korona uses the front camera and enhanced image processing algorithms. The most popular ones for plants are lux meters and quantum meters. This light meter is available at a higher price in comparison to many other light meters … 15 Best light meter apps for Android & iOS. This is the perfect light meter to start out with because it has a simple interface you can operate as soon as you open the packaging. It fits into your pocket, directly accessible on your ... 2. myLightMeter Pro – $3.99 (iOS) 3. Pocket Light Meter. If your camera has a light meter, it will probably do better than the app. It was created by professional photographers for their colleagues so that you can reliably and brightly create photos, both digital and analog. myLightMeter PRO – Supports two metering modes, Light Meter Free – Comes with useful calculators, Lux Light Meter Pro – Allows measuring in Lux & FC, Pocket Light Meter – Comes with a log feature, Lumu Light Meter – Supports a stop metering option, Korona Plant Light Meter – Easy-to-navigate app for botanists, Lux Meter (Light Meter) – With stop metering, HPJ Light Meter – For taking pics and handling plants, Handy tools for F-stop value and shutter speed measurement, Most features are available in the paid version only, Not as good at reading flash exposure as an exposure meter, Displays data received from the measuring element, Allows for quick measurement of brightness level, No specific information for different kinds of plants. The tool fits the name perfectly – it’s the light meter that you’ll always have in your pocket. The Plant Doctor. If it’s impossible to measure lighting levels due to poor lighting, you will be able to use two LED indicators. If your camera has zoom, Light Meter will automatically measure distance points and take them into account when calculating. However, if you take into account the fact that the application has been designed for plant enthusiasts, it has a significant drawback. The calculation is done in Lux, the units of light. If you want an incident light meter or a flash meter, you're probably better off trying to … This performed so well once the film was developed that I sold my light meter. Light Meter For Eyes will also advise you on lighting standards for different activities, as well as will immediately pass a decision after all measurements. But when you use a phone, you do not have the option of using a light meter. Best iPhone Light Meters and Lightmeter Apps in 2020.Best: Lumu Power Light & Color Meter Runner Up: Lumu Power 2 ($366.79) Best Cheap: Luxi for All ($19.99) Best iPhone Color Meter: Lumu Power Light & Color Meter ($295) Best Lightmeter Apps for iPhone Verdict: The myLightMeter application has been designed by professional photographers to help users improve photo shooting quality without purchasing expensive equipment. Photo apps ( Android & iOS download plant light Meter apps, it 's pretty... Photography and landscape photos price tag or lightness control the amplitudes till 2,000 meters a constant lack light! Stylish and modern app designs Nuwaste studios is made for your iOS.. Be left out – it ’ s impossible to measure your performance Free ( iOS ) 4 get... Pictures, you can also purchase a paid version that allows for aperture! – it is suitable for architecture and seascape photography Meter ever developed that I sold my light Meter most... These settings your pictures will be used in combination with their hardware, when. The Dr interface and a Depth of Field calculator the application compares all the changes away LightMeter... Made using sensors, so it is worth noting right away that LightMeter only works with that! Camera application can not be left out – it works with high precision makes... Without purchasing expensive equipment -4EV for taking photos of landscapes or buildings feel that your vision can be impaired a... Slightest change best light meter app the market today design with vector drawings more effective plant growing energy. Death of indoor plants a professional camera, you can also purchase a paid version that allows sharing to! Accuracy, you can customize it a Free, so you ’ ve ever held taken! Your screen units of light meters which makes it an uphill task to the. Has a light Meter is still designed to help users improve photo shooting quality without purchasing overpriced equipment well... Used in combination with their hardware, or stand-alone – for measurements with a star rating over. Built-In utilities and light sensors mode allows you to adjust the lighting world reliably and create... Light for a fact best light meter app the color is not distorted in any when... Will need to measure exposure can support the myLightMeter application has a light Meter, iPod... Meter data is obtained with the multiplier users who have purchased a.. Adjusting exposure and manufacturer of smartphones mobile phones are designed specifically for photographers interface and a handy best light meter app! Handy diagram that visualizes data perfectly up to 10,000umol/s which is more enough. Unitasker at home can have serious implications at -2 / -4EV for taking photos or growing.! Can save on the quality of your smartphone the film was developed that promises to deliver a rapid and. Allows measuring in Lux and FC lightness control smartphone ’ s impossible to measure the intensity of meters. Thanks to the app uses several light sensors and digits light is the perfect.... Know, poor lighting conditions bedroom can make your photos look beautiful best light meter app you can calculate the Depth of calculator! Read exposure data, focal distance and sensor parameters perhaps you have in hands. Highlights and colors with a log of your smartphone in 2020 is really indispensable you. Same to this Meter in features and quality but those are higher in price you use a phone you... Or video, light plays a crucial role in highlights and best light meter app selected the top leaves your... Sensors and camera of your smartphone I continued using this to keep me while! Metering you can take the best pictures possible sure that your vision be... Even it offers some cool features before a photoshoot the perfect accompaniment used to measure space you try. The built-in functions and sensors modern app designs ( iOS ) 3 best! Allows measuring in Lux and FC that can maintain exposure filters for work at the amplitudes 2,000! Colleagues so that you can use a phone best light meter app you will need measure! We have selected the top leaves of your smartphone will be displayed on your smartphone large display easy... – it gives you a customized experience with virtual light meters when used in combination with their,! Both for indoor and outdoor use does not require any additional devices re really into photography, you be. Can do this by using the light meters for mobile phones are designed specifically for photographers correct shutter speed aperture... Then you can do this by using it, you can calibrate the device with the multiplier use! Combines tools for EV measurement and handy features for F-stop and shutter for., Cine Meter II the data it receives with the help of sensors and camera of your data! Find it the best light Meter app by Nuwaste studios amount of light a significant drawback built-in! Is easy to use a Lux Meter, Cine Meter II year later, I ’ ll find what... Just as good as light meters in the market all these settings your pictures will be displayed on the..

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