With our worldwide network of translators and language professionals, we can handle most languages and language combinations, translating principally either from or into English. And as a result of the excellent relationships that we have developed with our clients over the years, many of them regularly entrust us with their multi-language translation projects, i.e. translation of a text (usually in English) into several languages at the same time. Indeed, this has very much become one of our specialities.



For a translation to be correct and accurate, the source material also has to be correct and accurate. This is especially true for multi-language translation projects, where any error in the source material will automatically be carried across into every other language into which the material is translated. A review of the source material prior to translation will minimise the need for correction later, thereby saving both time and additional work. In the case of source material in English, this review is carried out at our office in Nottingham, which handles and manages all of our translations into English.



The position of English as a world language and the international language of business has continued to increase in recent years, and fluency in English as a source language has become a necessity for almost every translator around the world. The number of translators with the required expertise and skills for any particular project will therefore be much greater when the source language is English than it is for a source language such as Swedish or German. The language quality of any English source text is reviewed at our office in Nottingham before we begin the actual process of translation.



Proofreading of all translated texts is included as standard in the service that we provide. All proofreading is carried out by a language professional other than the original translator.