Watch out: There is in my OPINION (there's no authoritative data I've found on this ) a subtle potential safety hazard of the heat transfer fin add-on. flue liner was listed in the One and Two Family Dwelling Code for New Is this a risk of improper ventilation? The general expectation is that the vent run vertically, with offsets no greater than 45° from vertical, but that is not the whole story. What is required is “a means for controlling increased pressure caused by thermal expansion … where required,” and that’s only necessary under certain conditions. Basement-finishing projects are notorious for this code violation. GAS FIRED WATER HEATER VENTING CODE FAQs - questions & answers posted originally on this page. Conventional tank water heaters generally utilize two types of vent and vent connectors: B-vent and single-wall. Tankless Water Heaters – Tankless heaters don’t take up much room, and they don’t waste energy on hot water you’re not using. Water Heater Replacement Cost. U.S. Patent 1,056,373, issued March 18, 1913. I guess the second part is can you transition flexible chimney liner to rigid b-vent to make the 10' connection from where the chimney now ends to where the existing furnace vent pipe goes through the roof. Today I was told the vent pipe needed to be replaced. On 2019-04-26 - by (mod) - support brackets for flue vent pipes and metal chimneys. Tankless Water Heaters Starting from $40.99/month: Do not contain storage tanks and fit compactly on a wall mount. Or, wood the heat of flue vent pipe make that foil tape into a combustible product? This kind of scenario happens more often than you might think; I see it all the time. I obtained a permit for this work and had it inspected, but there seems to be a difference of opinion. We include building code citations for gas water heater venting and we quote excerpts from manufacturers' water heater installation manuals, U.S. and Canadian model building codes, and other sources and water heater venting standards. What I provide below in amplification will provide more authoritative citations and excerpts on the topic of proper venting of gas fired water heaters. It is important not to remove these labels in order to enable field inspection. the NATIONAL FUEL GAS CODE, ANSI Z223.1 (NFPA 54) [link to 2012 edition]. Hi, I live in NJ and had backdraft issues with the venting of my fan assist 140,000 BTU gas furnace and 50 gallon 40,000 BTU gas natural draft water heater. Watch out: Of course you need to provide combustion air. That's the first part of my ask. Long horizontal vent runs can greatly reduce the drafting ability of natural-draft appliances, and could lead to backdrafting of combustion gases into the home, creating a major life-safety hazard. A drip simply needs to allow gravity to collect the liquid in the low spots. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. High-efficiency power-vented water heaters with plastic, sealed vents are popular, especially in new, tight homes, and as replacements for conked-out conventional water heaters. ASHI Home inspector by private email 2018/02/09. B-vent has a pipe inside a pipe with an air space between them that insulates the outer pipe from the hot inner pipe. The qualified installer must also be familiar with the design features of water heaters, and have a … If the venting system was previously sized for another gas appliance that has been removed, the venting system may now be too large. It's not the same for all products. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. In turn that risks dumping fatal carbon monoxide Into the building - which could kill someone. Gas vents 12 inches (305 mm) in size or smaller with listed caps shall be permitted to be terminated in accordance with Figure G2427.6.5, provided that such vents are at least 8 feet (2438 mm) from a vertical wall or similar obstruction. Code as it relates to the installation of gas fired water heaters. Independent installers can help you with both tankless and traditional options. Venting a conventional or typical gas fired water heater straight out through a sidewall using plastic pipe would be failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and most likely would be unsafe. Single-wall metal pipe shall terminate at least 5 feet (1524 mm) in vertical height above the highest connected equipment draft hood outlet or flue collar. Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers. On 2018-11-13 by Brian What is the correct distance between the bottom of the cone vent to the top of the hot water heater. beyond the inner edge of the On 2019-05-08 - by (mod) - gas water heater be placed in a small closet? They stated it was not code to use single wall vent pipe. The entire vent pipe is on the exterior besides the entrance through exterior cinder block wall. These are the people who usually fail inspection. The argument that the units have carbon monoxide detectors should not satisfy you because UL listed carbon monoxide detectors are not designed to detect low levels of carbon monoxide and because low levels of carbon monoxide can make people sick. Single-wall metal pipe shall not originate in any unoccupied attic or concealed space and shall not pass through any attic, inside wall, concealed space or floor. CO detectors are intended as a last line of defense against CO poisoning. When 40 or more gallons of superheated water is suddenly brought to atmospheric pressure and instantaneously vaporizes, the massive expansion can launch your water heater through your house. But B-vent and single-wall are not the same. Podcast Episode 170: Is There Really a Skilled-Trade Gap? These illustrations are adapted from WHIRLPOOL RESIDENTIAL GAS WATER HEATER MANUAL [PDF] (2015) retrieved 2018/03/05, original source: Example: Watch out: WARNING: Obstructed or deteriorated vent systems may present a serious health risk or asphyxiation." All other gas vents shall terminate not less than 2 feet (610 mm) above the highest point where they pass through the roof and at least 2 feet (610 mm) higher than any portion of a building within 10 feet (3048 mm). Single-wall metal pipe shall extend at least 2 feet (610 mm) above the highest point where it passes through a roof of a building and at least 2 feet (610 mm) higher than any portion of a building within a horizontal distance of 10 feet (3048 mm). refers to Chapters 23, 29, and 37 of the Building Code. In addition to their compact, space-saving design, tankless water heaters can reduce your energy consumption by 30-40 percent compared to conventional tank-based units and last 20 years or more. Is it possible to connect liner to rigid b-vent in attic (seal top of chimney around connection with metal flashing/cap) and wye into existing furnace (in attic) b-vent through roof approximately 10 feet away from chimney entrance point in attic? A venting system shall be designed and constructed so as to develop a positive flow adequate to remove flue or vent gases to the outdoor atmosphere. "Waste heat utilization system." Building and Fire Prevention Code: "Chimneys and Vents," Mark J. Reinmiller, P.E.. Chimneys and Vents, Chapter 18, M1801,model building code - [on file as Code_Chim_Res_C_18.pdf] - widely used by U.S. & Canadian Municipalities, Natural Gas Weekly Update: Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government, US Energy Administration: Electrical Energy Costs, NFPA 211 - 3-1.10 - Relining guide for chimneys, NFPA 211 - 3-2 - Construction of Masonry Chimneys, NFPA 211 - 3-3 - Termination Height for chimneys, NFPA 211 - 3-4 - Clearance from Combustible Material, NFPA 54 - 7-1 - Venting of Equipment into chimneys, Brick Institute of America - Flashing Chimneys, American Gas Association - New Vent Sizing Tables, Chimney Safety Institute of America - Chimney Fires: Causes, Effects, Evaluation, National Chimney Sweep Guild - Yellow Pages of Suppliers, Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the. The only issue I have with that statement is, the vent pipe runs from water heater up and over about 2 1/2 feet through cinder block wall to exterior. Some of this stems from the norms of the American home-building industry. Unlike the expansion tank, which is intended to protect the piping system from pressure, the TPRV protects the water-heater tank from experiencing more pressure than it can handle. The easy solution is to just add an expansion tank—it doesn’t hurt. This means that when pressure builds up inside a water heater, liquid water can get hotter than its atmospheric boiling point, until the tank ruptures. Excerpting from GAS FIRED WATER HEATERS - home. Minimising the length of hot water pipework reduces the time taken for hot water to reach the tap, heat loss and water wastage. The installation code for a tankless water heater varies a lot by location. A new water heater will cost from $250 to $500, depending on the size, efficiency and warranty. A building manager asserted that because the apartments have carbon monoxide detectors the installations are "Safe". Thank you for the article, very helpful, I have never seen this on a gas fired water heater, can you tell me what the heck it is? Please try the "add image" button again Cee.The image will post after moderator approval.If your prior chimney didn't extend above the roof line by at least 2 feet from nearest point of contact then it was improper and unsafe. The lower-BTUH of a gas water heater (compared with a heating furnace or boiler) will very often be unable to heat the chimney interior sufficiently to develop a draft. The materials you’ll need for the installation depend on your situation and local codes. The manufacturer will tell Patrick,You're going to want to find the manufacturer's installation specifications for your specific water heater brand and model. A sag in the vent can allow water to accumulate and affect the safe and efficient operation of the appliance. of clearance between it and combustibles. TYPE B-VENT CHIMNEYS - home It's possible to route some metal chimney types out through a building side wall and then up above the roof line. Not applicable to Stainless Steel water heaters. There are a lot of code requirements around water heaters and not enough space to get into every one here. Then, hold an extinguished match near the vent hood. Example:Watch out: Carefully inspect the venting system of a replacement water heater installation before connecting to the venting system. Fast Water Heater Company performs installations as safely as possible to protect you and your family. ", source: INSTALLATION, OPERATION, AND SERVICE MANUAL RESIDENTIAL STORAGE TYPE GAS WATER HEATER - source: American Water Heater company cited below. Excerpt:7.14.4 A chimney shall extend not less than 3 ft (900 mm) above the highest point where it passes through the roof of a building and not less than 2 ft (600 mm) higher than any portion of a building within a horizontal distance of 10 ft (3 m). In a basement with a concrete floor, damage isn’t generally a concern. With the air-sealing of homes and the finishing of basements— which often includes enclosing mechanical equipment in some sort of closet—interior combustion air gets choked off, and naturally drafting appliances get starved of air. The deficiencies this creates surface when it comes time to replace the failing water heater and the building inspector shows up to sign off on the new installation. - source: Bradford White Water Heaters, retrieved 2018/02/09, original source: JimIndeed there are steel brackets that are sold for securing metal chimneys and vent pipes to building walls. Watch out: No. Venting requirements for gas-fueled water heaters: This article describes proper ventilation details for handling the exhaust from gas fueled water heaters, both LPG or propane and natural gas. Though not a joy to anyone, sometimes a finished ceiling needs to be cut to install proper support for the vent. With a few small exceptions New Mexico has adopted the Uniform Plumbing Code or UPC. Even if you’ve worked with plumbing and gas lines in the past, play it safe and contact your local department of inspections. I could not find anything in the CPC regarding this. There are also high-efficiency condensing gas fired heaters that vent at a simple sidewall vent with no chimney.From your photo I can't say what equipment is installed. Here's what you need to know to install a gas water heater. The flame from a match should be drawn into the draft hood. Consider fuel source (gas or electric), storage capacity (up to 80 gallons), tank type (tank or tank-less), and manufacturer warranty options. A gas vent shall terminate in accordance with one of the following: 1. G2427.7.6 (503.7.6) Installation. I have a rheen 73 gallon Natural gas water heater I have it plumbed in I need to horizontally vent the old one had exhaust fan that plugged into water heater the new one has no fan can I just use metal to vent to outside? Jones, Robert J. Tankless water heater location code. It is required that the gas and water pipes be bound with wire and clamps in order to ground the system. There are other devices and methods for controlling pressure other than expansion tanks. Prior to this, the top violation would have been not installing pans and drains with replacement water heaters—now, the issue is inspectors continuing to require drains without notice of this code change. You'll see the we have an entire but separate article on that topic. 4. Is there a place to drain to, and a route to get there? TonyYou want to look at a metal chimney like a "B-vent" for gas fired water heaters. The function of these fins on the gas water heater flue vent connector is to try to increase the transfer of heat from the water heater exhaust into the surrounding area - maybe to make it warmer, in a fantasy that we're cutting heating cost by exracting heat, perhaps in hope of preventing frozen pipes nearby. can I vent a standard type water heater thru the side of house. These vents get hot by design—a hot vent is part of what produces the draft required to remove the combustion products from the building. National Fuel Gas Code, an American National Standard, 4th ed. Do not vent this water heater into the venting system of another gas appliance designed to vent under positive pressure. Don't hesitate to post follow-up questions or comments. Inspect the venting system for signs of deterioration (rust and perforation) and replace any sections that are not in good condition. Check the installation instructions for your specific water heater brand and model. That problem could be present with or without the heat transfer fins but would be exacerbated by the additional heat that the fins remove. Many technicians simply stick a short bolt into the opening. A sediment trap and a drip leg are often considered one in the same, but not by the code. - source: "Instruction Manual for Residential Gas Water Heaters", State Water Heaters, retrieved 2018/02/09, original source:, requirments for venting a gas water heater in valencia county new mexico, WHIRLPOOL RESIDENTIAL GAS WATER HEATER MANUAL, TYPE B-VENT CEILING FLOOR WALL CLEARANCES, NATIONAL FUEL GAS CODE, ANSI Z223.1 (NFPA 54), B149.1HB-00 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code Handbook, CSA Standard B149.1-10 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, STATE GAS WATER HEATER INSTRUCTION MANUAL, GAS FIRED WATER HEATER CHIMNEY & VENTING DEFECTS, "Chimneys and Vents", 789 CMR 68.00 Massachusetts Building Code, HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION COURESES (Canada), HOME INSPECTION EDUCATION: HOME STUDY COURSES. The existing 3 inch pipe run is from basement and terminates on the roof. Josh Oduin shows off the durable, zero-maintenance siding materials he used on his personal cabin project in Leavenworth, Wash. Any chimney that's passing up the outside of a house needs to vent to feet above the Ridgeline if it comes out at the ridge or at the other chimney height requirements you'll see by searching inspectapedia..Com for chimney height.You also need to consider that if you are just venting a water heater it may not vent safely through a tall exterior single wall or all metal flue. Mark: That hole is punctured or drilled in an exhaust flue vent connector by the heating service technician in order to permit the insertion of test instruments that are used at the time of service or maintenance. Xu, Gang, Shengwei Huang, Yongping Yang, Ying Wu, Kai Zhang, and Cheng Xu. 502.1.1 Elevation and protection. I have recently inspected a large apartment complex with more than 100 units, each served by an individual gas-fired water heater. It’s not a good choice, and some local codes prohibit it. Most items in this list apply to conventional gas water heaters, but electric water heaters are also common. Is it safe and to code to place a vent cover on the outside end of the vent? This includes water heater code requirements. The result is a back-draft of combustion products out of the water heater's draft hood and into the building. What do the manufacturer's installation instructions say about venting the new water heater? If there are gas water heater vented through separate pipes, what is the spacing requirements between the pipes, if any? of the floor or receptor; cannot be threaded or have any valves or tee fittings; must be made of materials approved for potable water; and must be one size larger and secured at the end when made of plastic tubing materials. In the process of replacing 40 gal gas water heater. Gas-fired water heaters shall conform to the requirements of the International Fuel Gas Code. Violating these codes may result in fines, voiding your warranty, or putting your family at risk. I had an inspection by a certified chimney inspector, and he said the liner should be 6". These pans are not meant to protect from a catastrophic tank failure; they’re meant to catch the slow leak that no one notices. Most standard electric and gas water heater units cost $400 to $1,600.However, they can range anywhere from $250 to $6,000, depending on the type. The coating is to prevent damage to the flex line. Rob,GAS APPLIANCE DIRECT VENT CLEARANCES See CARBON MONOXIDE - CO.Do not install the flue vent connector from the water heater into the very bottom of a chimney. Sorry -- photo thru a screen. Uniform Mechanical Code - UMC 1991, Sec 913 (a.) New York 1984 Uniform Fire Water heaters must be surrounded by a certain amount of clearance, or air space, to function properly and safely. Combustion air does a few things: It ventilates the appliance, it provides oxygen for the fire, it feeds an open draft hood to maintain draft, and it replaces the air leaving the building with fresh outside air in order to maintain neutral pressure. Indeed, a water heater can be easy to install, but replacing one in an existing home can introduce a host of complications. and When vents are used, they must be certified to the applicable standard and bear a label that indicates that they have been so tested and approved. Watch out: reader MIkeJC adds these additional safety hazards at your water heater: On the photo with fins on vent pipe, that installation does not meet code for two reasons: See also these examples of heat recovery methods using fins or devices attached to flue vents or other heater tuves: Continue reading at GAS FIRED WATER HEATER CHIMNEY & VENTING DEFECTS or select a topic from the closely-related articles below, or see the complete ARTICLE INDEX. Thank you. Thanks. Even a small change in a building, opening or closing a door or window can lead to illness or to a fatality. The temperature pressure relief valve (TPRV) is an incredibly important life-safety device on every water heater. On 2020-03-18 - by (mod) - cold single wall metal vents may not vent the water heater properly. It's not a safety concern though you could, if you like, cover it with a bit of aluminum-foil adhesive tape like the 3M product I show below. Understanding water heater installation code requirements can be a real pain. Many (maybe 30) vents are obstructed by tight meshes (mosquito netting?) While your choice of water heater will cause a greater or lesser upfront cost, over time this will all average out to where you end up paying about the same over five years. [Also see Section G2427.7.8, Item 3.]. Draft venting water heater in basement venting stainless liner in chimney. Previously, they were joined in the chimney. The Water-Heater Payoff – An expensive water heater may be efficient, but will it save enough energy to justify the purchase price? They eliminate the issues with conventional vent clearances and slope, and can also relieve the issues of interior combustion air. Once a house is built and the vent system designed, it’s no easy task to evaluate and modify it later. Those fins on the exhaust vent were popular starting in North America during the Arab oil embargo in the 1970s and are still sold and installed on occasion. Podcast Episode 164: Self-Installed Sump Pump, Upgraded Board and Batten, and Favorite House Styles, 2019 FHB House Video: A Heat-Pump Mechanical System and Prepping for Tile, Simple Way to Make Old Walls Straight and Plumb, Expert insights on techniques and principles. In your note you could consider expanding this phrase: because I want to make clear that the "you" is not a legal, competent, nor acceptable authority and because I'd want to have made clear that there are grave liabilities and life-safety risks at stake. The water heater should be installed as close as practical to the venting system to minimize the vent connector length required. The vent must slant upward at all points, and must only have one offset of more than 60 degrees. space between it and the opposite Let's start by identifying the brand and model of your water heater, then take a look at the installation manual for that specific heater - as the manufacturer's word will be authoritative. "Auxiliary air heater." But lets get someone to actually measure the draft so we can get past the speculation. The vent must be at least five feet long and terminate in an approved vent cap. - To 'seal' a hot water flu vent pipe where it runs through the roof. Electric water heaters shall conform to the … There are grave liabilities and risks involved in violating basic mechanical and safety standards. Water heaters are appliances that supply hot water to your home, but they don’t last forever. Segelken, Heinrich. - source: American Water Heater company cited below. Read the manufacturer’s installation instructions before you do that. The installer must attach the hood that came with the new appliance, and this almost always requires fasteners. Code expert Glenn Mathewson describes 10 common water-heater code issues, including confusion about drip pans and drains, unsupported expansion tanks and plastic vents, lack of combustion air, and more. A clearance area of 12 inches is required on all sides of a hot water heater. Do not use the water heater or connected equipment if spillage is detected until the problem is corrected. York, in 1979, in Chapter 9, Chimneys and Fireplaces, New York 1979 Plus, get an extra 20% off with code GIFT20. When the basement is finished, it may be. New hot water heater installation costs range from as low as $550 to $10,000 or more, including the unit and labor. On 2020-05-24 - by (mod) - hot water tank is vented through my chimney and it is falling apart. On 2020-04-30 - by (mod) - possible to share a flue with two gas fueled appliances? While these codes are not constantly changing, updates and alterations to the code do occur from time to time. A sediment trap is required when an integral trap is not provided in the appliance, and it usually isn’t. 206 478-7371 Start your subscription today and save up to 52%. Adjunct faculty at Bellingham Technical College. Watch out: regarding these clearances, see clarification by Charles Buell near the end of this article. It cannot connect directly to a drain system; must discharge through an air gap in the same room; cannot be smaller than the diameter of the valve it’s connected to; can only serve a single appliance; must discharge to the floor, pan, receptor, or outdoors; must not cause structural damage; must be observable to the occupants; cannot be trapped; must flow by gravity; must terminate within 6 in. An approved cap or roof assembly shall be attached to the terminus of a single-wall metal pipe. To 'seal' a hot water flu vent pipe where it runs through the roof may I safely use a 3M foil tape with the temperature rating of either 225 degrees Fahrenheit or 300° f? The IRC provides a list of 14 specific criteria meant to keep this pipe open. Basements in new homes are usually left unfinished and pitched to buyers as a project they can easily tackle themselves when they need more living space. wall of the chimney. Water heaters are tested and provided with their specific draft hood (draft diverter), but it doesn’t come attached; it’s in the box separately. The installing company insists they put the correct liner in. which are painted, many are covered with louvered dryer vent covers (which are designed for the forced air pressure of a dryer vent, not for the gentle flow of a water heater flue), and some are crushed and some have animal nesting. The ideal vent or chimney system is entirely vertical, though this is rarely feasible. - A.P. NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code 2015 Chapter 9 Appliance, Equipment, and Accessory Installation. When expansion tanks are included, physical support for them is something of concern, as installers often leave them simply hanging by the pipes they connect to. Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, source: INSTALLATION, OPERATION, AND SERVICE MANUAL RESIDENTIAL STORAGE TYPE GAS WATER HEATER. Drip pans in new homes also require drains. Draft hood: use the … Tankless water heater systems provide a continuous flow of hot water on-demand without the use of a storage tank. For more details see the citations below as well as these gas water heater venting guides: On 2020-11-07 Side-wall vented appliances, without exception, make use of some form of power exhaust, never simply atmospheric exhaust. I think that proper venting is a necessary safety correction for the property and, knowing the property owner I'm confident that the proper repairs will be made. Gas Appliance Manufacturers' Association has prepared venting tables for What are the requirements for a double-walled vent pipe when exiting through the gable? PA code reads min 10ft from lot line (done) & 10ft above nearest grade (~10ft). - requirments for venting a gas water heater in valencia county new mexico, Louis: Some of these violations can be life-safety hazards, so avoiding these mistakes is crucial. GeoffForgive you but I am a little confused about this question. - M.K. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. I can’t seem to find information saying this is not up to code. The installation of a single-wall metal pipe through an exterior combustible all shall comply with Section G2427.10.15. See Chapter 7 beginning at page 152 and also see "Combustion Spillage" beginning on p. 160 in this example code: B149.1HB-00 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code Handbook Excerpt:Gas appliances may be vented to either a chimney flue or a certified vent or factory-built chimney. WARNING: be sure to check clearances and other safety guidelines in the latest edition of these standards. When the wind blows through the vent it blows out the pilot light. This debris, or sediment, can be small enough to get caught in the flow of the gas. New York 1979 Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code, The "requirement" for 8" of solid masonry OR for use of a From manufacturing to service, gas pipe goes through quite a bit of handling, cutting, and threading that can leave some debris— usually bits of metal—in the pipe. If you are sealing a gas fired water heater flue and are so far away from the heater (presumably on a basement or first floor) as to be at the roof, then sealing a metal flue joint with foil tape ought not cause an issue; I'm not sure why that's needed if you're using a UL-listed B-vent as those sections normally lock together. Water heater installations in bedrooms and bathrooms shall be in accordance with one of the following [NFPA 54:10.28.1]: Fuel-burning water heaters shall be permitted to be installed in a closet located in the bedroom or bathroom provided the closet is equipped with a listed, gasketed door assembly and a listed self-closing device. What follows are 10 of the most common code violations that I and other code professionals see out in the field when looking at water heaters, particularly replacement water heaters. The pans themselves, however, must be installed if the water heater is located where a leak can cause damage.

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